Camping på Fyn

Accommodation on Funen

Do you need a holiday where the heart rate comes down and the mood all the way up? Want the best balance between relaxation and activities? And should there be plenty of opportunities to be together and enjoy each other’s company? Then a stay in your own caravan, tent or camper or in our camping cabins on Funen is definitely worth a visit! Here you get the perfect and comfortable setting for your holiday, and you have just a few steps to all the fun activities that First Camp Bøsøre Strand has to offer.

You are welcome to call us on +45 62 25 11 45if you would like a good deal on our camping cabins on Funen. You can also book your cabin directly on this page – easy and simple.

Various holiday cottages on Funen - For both short and long stays

We have several different types of camping cabins – depending on whether you are a larger or smaller group going on holiday together, we have a holiday cottage here on Funen that meets your wishes and needs. Common to all of them is that they are bright, well maintained and welcoming, and so are turned up well for the comfort in the form of own kitchen, bath and toilet. There are also duvets and pillows, so you should not think about that. It is allowed to carry a dog in all our cabins.

Camping cottages on Funen – At Bøsøre Strand we have four different types to choose from. Click on the four links below and read more about each cabin:

You can see prices and book online here.

Cabins on Funen - treat yourself to Deluxe camping

Forget everyday life and practical chores while on holiday at Bøsøre Strand Feriepark. Here you can opt for a deluxe package, where we have provided both food and drink, wifi and free access to our tropical water park and outdoor water park. You can read more about our deluxe packages under each cabin type.

Camping cabins on Funen? You will not regret a stay at Bøsøre Strand Feriepark! We look forward to welcoming you.

Own caravan or tent

We have a wide range of pitches for both larger and smaller caravans and tents. Choose from different comfort levels.

Size: 100-140 m2

Seasonal pitches

There is only one thing better than taking a holiday with Bøsøre. It’s coming here again and again.

Size: 100-140 m2

From DKK 2,900,-


Nightingale is a super exclusive mobile home of 34 m2. There are 6 beds spread over 2 bedrooms and 1 beds on sofa.

Size: 34 m2 | Beds 4+2 | Bath and toilet

From DKK 800,- / night


Elverhøj is a beautiful cabin/mobile home of 34 m2 for the large family. There are 8 beds spread over the 3 bedrooms and a sofa bed.

Size: 34 m2 | Beds 6+2 | Bath and toilet

From DKK 800,- / night

Kings Cabin

The royal cottage is 30 m2, with 6 beds spread over 2 bedrooms + 1 loft + 1 sofa bed. The cottages are close to the playground

Size: 30 m2 | Beds 4+2 | Bath and toilet

From DKK 780,- / night

Hans Christian Andersen Cottage

The H.C Andersen cottage is 27m2 and there are 4 beds divided into 1 bedroom + 1 loft + 1 sofa bed.

Size: 34 m2 | Beds 4 | Bath and toilet

From DKK 680,-

Suitcase cabin

The suitcase cabin is 15 m2 and there are 4 beds spread over 1 bedroom with a double bed and a 3/4 bed above the top part for 2 adults and two children.

Size: 15 m2 | Beds 2+2 | Glamping

From DKK 650,-


Rental Caravan

Our caravans are super exclusive with bunk beds and toilet. There is also a kitchen section with cookware and service.

Including awning | Beds 4+2

From DKK 780,-


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