Experiences in Bøsøre and Funen

First Camp Bøsøre Strand Feriepark is located perfectly next to a lovely sandy beach. The beach is great to visit all year round – whether it is for a refreshing dip on a hot summer day or it’s for a brisk walk on an autumn day. Besides the beach, which is within walking distance from the campsite, many of the classic attractions on Funen are only a short drive away. There is, for example, only a 30 minute drive to Egeskov Castle, where you can both feel the buzz of history and explore the castle’s many entertaining activities for young and old. In short, the big attractions on Funen are right at your fingertips if you book a stay at First Camp Bøsøre Strand Feriepark.

Attractions on Funen near First Camp Bøsøre Strand Feriepark

We have created a small guide on this page with exciting attractions and activities here on Funen, if you would like to go exploring.

Within walking distance

Bøsøre Expressen

Our own little train drives around the campsite. It doesn’t cost anything to go for a ride. In the low season it drives every Saturday at 16:00 and in the peak season it drives every day at 12:00 and 16:00.

Children's activities

We have a large program for children at First Camp Bøsøre Strand Feriepark. You can read more about it in our activity-program.

Football golf

Our courses are based on the H.C. Andersen fairytale “Travelling Companion”. The course is almost 1 km long, so you can get plenty of fresh air and a bit of exercise.
Prices: Adult kr. 65
Child 3 – 11 years old kr. 35


Our courses are based on the H.C. Andersen fairytale “Travelling Companion”. The course is almost 1 km long, so you can get plenty of fresh air and a bit of exercise.
Prices: Adult kr. 65
Child 3 – 11 years old kr. 35

Limestone quarry

If you turn left out of First Camp Bøsøre Strand Feriepark, follow the road and make another left turn, you reach the limestone quarry. Here it is possible to look for fossils that may be several million years old.

At the reception you can borrow balls for football, volleyball and basketball as well as table tennis bats or Pétanque to use on the pitch in the rose garden.

Within 10 km


Denmark’s oldest Renaissance building, built between 1538 and 1550. Hesselagergård was intended as a defence castle.

Glorup Manor

Glorup Manor on East Funen is a very well preserved four-length building that dates back to 1580. Hans Christian Andersen lived at Glorup for some periods. There is only public access to the park.

Lundeborg Harbour

Lundeborg harbour is a charming old harbour with lots of life. If you have the courage for a trip out on the water, it is possible to rent a sea kayak or a small sail boat.

Gudme pay and play golf

If you want to try your hand at golf, then Gudme Pay and Play is the place. The club offers 9 holes and a 250 meter driving range with 21 tees available. Clubs can be rented on site.


Denmark’s largest detached stone. The stone, which was transported to the site during the Ice Age, measures 46 meters in circumference!

Mosgaard handmade
GIN & Whisky

Visit a micro-destillery where they make organic gin and whisky; there is a small shop and the opportunity to have a sample of their delights.


Within 30 km

Egeskov Castle

In addition to the castle itself, Egeskov castle offers a lot of other attractions: tree top walking, Europe’s largest Kompan playground, Denmark’s most beautiful gardens and museums.


Naturama is a modern natural history museum that focuses on Northern Europe’s wildlife. The animals are set up on a catwalk, so you get very close to the bears, wild boars, a giant polar bear and many more animals. 

Davinde lake

It is possible to sail in canoes as well as go swimming in and around Davinde Lake. This is a lovely nature area, where fire pits allow you to enjoy an excursion with good food. Firewood can be purchased on site.

Funen's fishing waters

Funen’s fishing waters, located just outside Odense, have a total of 55,000 square meters of water, where fish up to 8 kg are put into the water daily. Fishing rods can be rented on site.

Bowl n' Fun

Besides bowling, they offer Laser Hero, The Track Gokart, MiniGolf and Happies Legeland.

Nyborg Castle

After the restoration, the castle was opened to the public, and furniture from various manors was installed. The castle houses as many as three banqueting halls, each representing a defining epoch in Denmark’s history.

Within 50 km

Fjord & Bælt

Fjord & Bælt is a combined research and experience centre, that explores knowledge about life below sea level in Danish waters.

Gorilla Park

Unleash your inner gorilla! In Gorilla Park you can practice treetop climbing up to 16 meters above the ground. The climbing park has 1.2 km of obstacles distributed across five courses of varying difficulty levels.

The Danish Railway Museum

Sit in the old passenger cars, look inside the royal carriages, play engine drivers in the steam locomotives or try the popular mini train. A great excursion destination for the whole family.

Odense ZOO

Odense Zoo offers everything from lions, monkeys, tigers, penguins and much, much more. As the only place in Denmark, you can also feed a giraffe at Odense Zoo.

Veteran Train

Come on a beautiful train ride on the old railway line between Faaborg and Korinth. On the drive you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The trip between Faaborg and Korinth takes about 30 minutes.

Seal Safari Strynø

Take a tour with an old restored cattle barge and discover South Funen’s unique archipelago. The Smakkecenter nature guide will sail you to an island, where the archipelago’s seals are often seen sunbathing. The tour starts from Strynø.

Experiences and children's activities on Funen - attractions for all ages

There is a great opportunity to spice up the holidays with fun and exciting experiences for the whole family!