Buffet on Funen

To eat at 'Eventyrkroen' is to live – Buffet on Funen


‘Eventyrkroen’ is the place to get cozy, eat and spend time with those you hold dear. If you are looking for a delicious buffet on Funen, look no further. ‘Eventyrkroen’ is located in the middle of Bøsøre Holiday Park, where there is the possibility of a visit to our tropical water park – if you just  want to eat in ‘Eventyrkroen’, you are of course very welcome. ‘Eventyrkroen’ is eg. ideal for a children’s birthday party on Funen, where you can combine a children’s buffet with the water activities in our waterpark.

'Eventyrkroen' - Buffet on Funen - Here you find delicious meal selections for the family, children and childish souls

Try our delicious buffet or burger for lunch. The buffet is for everyone and it is child friendly, with many international variations. If you have allergies just let us know. Should you wish to take our adult and children’s buffet variation with you, you can choose “buffet-to-go” where you pay per gram. Everyone is welcome in ‘Eventyrkroen’ – both you who are on holiday, our neighbours in the summerhouses or you, who live in the neighbourhood. Feel free to celebrate your children’s birthday, confirmations, company events, etc. at ‘Eventyrkroen’

Adventurous children's birthday party on Funen - Suggestions for the day

If you are looking for a perfect children’s birthday party on Funen, then we have a suggestion for you to consider – because how many children do not want to spend the day in a waterpark with waterslides? We will of course start with a trip to our waterpark and when hunger strikes, a children’s buffet or menu can be eaten either in the waterpark or at ‘Eventyrkroen’. It’s entirely up to you. After a wonderful day of water play and delicious food, the children can enjoy themselves on the playground.

We have a selection of menus chosen in consultation with the kitchen. For example, you can choose four chicken nuggets with french fries, a small pizza with ham/pepperoni or meatballs with french fries and slushice.

Contact 'Eventyrkroen' - Best family buffet on Funen

At ‘Eventyrkroen’ you can for example celebrate children’s birthdays, company parties and have a nice and calm time with your family. If you want to hear more about what you can do at ‘Eventyrkroen’, please feel free to contact us at +45 62 25 11 45

See you at ‘Eventyrkroen’ – Best family buffet on Funen.

‘Eventyrkroen’ is closed 30.08 – 19.09 – 26.09 due to the confirmation

Opening hours - Low season

  • Monday to Wednesday closed
  • Thursday - Friday 15.00 - 20.00
  • Saturday 11.00 - 21.00
  • Sunday 11.00 - 20.00

Opening hours - Public holidays

  • Monday - Sunday 11.00 - 21.00

Opening hours - Week 26

  • Monday - Thursday Closed
  • Friday - Sunday 11.30 - 21.00

Opening hours - Week 27-31

  • Monday - Sunday 11.30 - 21.00

Due to difficulty to hire staff, we cannot guarantee that the restaurant is open mon-thursdays in week 27-31. We are doing all we can to get new staff to the restaurant.

Buffet from 17-20 - friday, saturday and sundays in the peak season

  • Buffet adult DKK 179,-

    Price per pers.

  • Buffet child 5-11 years old DKK 89,-

    Price per pers.

  • Buffet child 1-4 years old DKK 59,-

    Price per pers.

  • Buffet to-go - adult (takeaway) DKK 159,-

    Price per pers.

  • Buffet to-go - child 5-11 (takeaway) DKK 69,-

    Price per pers.

  • Pig feast adult DKK 150,-

    Whole roasted suckling pig with side dishes
    Price per pers.

  • Pig feast child DKK 90,-

    Whole roasted suckling pig with side dishes
    Price per pers.

Menukort - À la carte

  • Bøsøre burger DKK 119,-

    With beef, bacon, cheese and pickled red onion. Incl. Gourmet fries.

  • Children's burger DKK 69,-

    With ketchup, lettuce and cucumber. Incl. Gourmet fries

  • Thai burger DKK 129,-

    Chicken, Thai coleslaw, pickled red onion, peanut sauce. Incl. Gourmet fries.

  • BBQ Burger DKK 129,-

    Beef, crispy onion rings, pickled green tomatoes, bacon. Incl. Gourmet fries

  • Fillet of beef burger DKK 150,-

    Tarragon mayo, onion compote, béarnaise sauce. Incl. Gourmet fries.

  • Bøsøre Buddha Bowl DKK 95,-
  • Steak Menu DKK 159,-

    200g fillet of beef, seasonal vegetables and gourmet fries

  • Desert of the day DKK 59,-
  • Softice DKK 29,-

    in a beaker or waffle

Vegetarian steak can be chosen for all burgers

Pizza and Grill

  • Pizza The Princess and the Pea DKK 68,-

    Cheese and tomast sauce - 30 cm

  • Pizza The Tinderbox DKK 68,-

    Tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni - 30 cm

  • Pizza The Swineherd DKK 68,-

    Tomato sauce, cheese and ham - 30 cm

  • Pizza The Swineherd DKK 68,-

    Tomato sauce, cheese and kebab - 30 cm

  • 4 pcs. chicken nuggets DKK 49,-

    Incl. french fries

  • 2 fish fillets DKK 59,-

    Incl. french fries

  • Danish meatball skewers DKK 59,-

    Incl. french fries

  • Small fries DKK 30,-

    Incl. 2 dipping sauces

  • Large fries DKK 49,-

    Incl. 3 dipping sauces

  • Extra dipping DKK 5,-


  • Adults DKK 75,-
  • Children DKK 49,-